West Virginia




Harpers Ferry Middle School- 1710 W Washington St
Contact: Eric Vandell, Principal, (304) 535-6357
Grades 6-8
Building open to students: 7:30am
First period begins: 7:52am
School dismissed: 2:53PM

Other Nearby Schools


Bolivar United Methodist Church - 1215 W Washington St
Contact: Jeff Childs, Pastor, (304) 535-1375
​ -Sandy Hook UMC: Worship at 9 AM; Sunday school at 10 AM.
​ -Bolivar UMC: Adult Sunday School at 10 AM; Worship at 11:15 AM; Children's Sunday School at 10 AM.
-Shenandoah Memorial UMC: Worship at 10 AM and Children's Sunday School at 10:15 AM.

Other Nearby Churches


Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library- 151 Polk St
Contact: (304) 535-2301
-Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9:30am- 5:30pm, Thursday 8:30am- 7:00pm, Saturday 9:30am- 3:30pm, Sunday Closed

Harpers Ferry Family Medicine- 171 Taylor St
Contact: (304) 535-6343
-Hours: Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm, Saturday-Sunday closed
​ -Office visits by appt only except Sunrise Sick Call 8am-9am M-Sat

Friendship Fire Company - 1050 W Washington St
Contact: Chief Ronnie Shutts, (304) 535-2211
-Volunteer-based company providing fire & rescue services to Bolivar, Harpers Ferry, and surrounding areas.

Harpers Ferry Police Department- 1050 W Washington St
Contact: Chief John Brown, (304) 535-6366
-Serves Bolivar and Harpers Ferry municipalities.

Harpers Ferry Post Office- 1000 W Washington St
Contact: Postmaster Wendy Starliper, (304) 535-2479
Hours: M-F 8am-4pm, Sat 9am-12pm, Closed Sunday

Harpers Ferry Water Works - 1000 W Washington St
Contact: Chairperson Barbara Humes, (304) 535-2206
Hours: M, W, F 8:30am-12pm, 1pm-4:30pm, T 2pm-4:30pm, R 8:30pm-12pm

Harpers Ferry/Bolivar Public Service District- 192 Lake Quigley Dr
Contact: Administrator Ed Tennant, (304) 535-2390


​Bolivar Nature Park- end of Jefferson Street
Hours: Close at Dusk

Bolivar Children's Park- off Taylor Street
Hours: Close at Dusk

Bolivar Community Center- 60 Panama St
Contact: Town Administrator Laura Whittington, (304) 535-2476
-Available for anyone interested in hosting an event.Cost: Deposit of $125 and daily rental fee of $125

​West Virginia Welcome Center- 37 Washington Ct
Contact: (304) 535-1813


Harpers Ferry Historical Association
Contact: (304) 535-6749
-Not-for-profit organization which has raised over $1 million to enhance interpretive and education programs of Harpers Ferry National Historic Park and the National Park Service.Mission: Stewardship through EducationEstablished in 1971
​ -Has over 500 members throughout the United States and Canada.

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